Kindergarten Curriculum


Reading/Language Arts: In kindergarten, we use a cross curricular approach to establish a strong foundation for all subjects. Reading instruction covers a variety of reading and writing behaviors. Shared reading materials include: children’s literature, charted songs and poems, sound stories, and stories shared through various technology components. Shared reading materials incorporate phonics, word analysis, critical thinking, decoding, reasoning, and comprehension. With all of these tools and resources, our students will also develop a true joy of reading.

Writing:  Children learn writing skills through true life adaptations and engagement in their world. Picture drawing, left-right directionality, labeling, list making and use of inventive spelling are all important steps towards writing creatively and confidently. The correct formation of letters is taught, encouraged, and expected as we instill good habits in each young student. Various gross and small motor activities provide opportunities and exposure to our beginning writers.

Math: Number concepts and skills are taught through manipulatives, hands-on activities, and active experiences. Critical thinking, problem solving, and application skills are taught as well as number theory, patterns, estimation, the hundreds chart, money, estimation, and mental math.

Science: The Kindergarten Science Curriculum explores subjects such as: the body, life science, physical science, and earth science. Through active engagement with our environment and exploration of nonfiction literature, we will learn and practice important life skills like observing, classifying, identifying, and predicting. We integrate our science units in a cross curricular manner.

Social Studies: Social Studies is integrated through literature and yearly events (holidays) and times of the year (seasons/months). Areas such as basic geography/history, holidays, and civic responsibilities (citizenship) are included. In kindergarten, much of the focus is on self awareness and appreciation.