Parents’ Bill of Rights


HB 241 – Parents’ Bill of Rightswhich created Section 1014 – Parents’ Bill of Rights, Florida Statutes, to establish specific parental rights relating to a minor child’s education, upbringing, and health care. The new law took effect July 1, 2021. Parents and community members may access related School District resources at the link below.


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The Florida State Board of Education formally adopted a rule to establish a special magistrate for parents to address unresolved disputes involving the student’s health, welfare, or safety, as described in s. 1001.42(8)(c), F.S. and Rule 6A-6.0791. As per this rule, Charter Schools must fully cooperate in the district’s resolution procedures and comply with district’s decision for resolution of complaint. The resolution procedures can be obtained through the Parental Rights Page linked above.